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July 6, 2012

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The Legal Process.

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We have posted some powerful presentations given at the June 19 appeal hearing.
Click here to see the presentations!

  Meanwhile, what will REALLY help is: 
Getting lots of people to sign the online petition or write a letter to the county supervisors.  You can do that easily from this website.  And share it with lots of friends!

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Our Resolution is Powerful and Strong to Protect Ridgewood Ranch,
the Beautiful Environs of Seabiscuit’s Home,
and the People, the Programs, and the History
of this very special place.

The issue:

The planned placement of a 300-ton per hour asphalt industrial complex and concrete plant
on the property at the immediate northern boundary of Ridgewood Ranch in Mendocino County
- Seabiscuit's legacy and our home -

This plant will cause significant air pollution, noise and truck traffic all day and up to 100 nights per year,
threatening to damage the land, water and air
of all those who live there; and forever
damaging the home of our national treasure, Seabiscuit.

This is the wrong location for an asphalt plant, concrete plant and heavy industry, for so many environmental, health and safety reasons.


Who we are:

We are Keep the Code, a California Public Benefit Non-Profit Corporation
dedicated to protecting and preserving the pristine wild land of Mendocino County
from inappropriate industrial development.

What we are doing:

We are going to court to challenge the the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors' approval
of the Environmental Impact Report and Change of the Zoning to Heavy Industrial
that will allow the planned development of the asphalt and concrete plant to move forward.

A strong challenge in the legal arena,
Along with local and national outcry
Can change the direction of this project

So ALL will be the winners.
It is our goal that even the proponents of this project will eventually appreciate
the wisdom of moving this project to a better location.

The latest developments:


We are in the process of updating the website to include the latest information.
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Board of Supervisors Appeal Hearing, June 19, 2012

It was quite a show.  Many excellent presentations were given, with many, many clear and logical reasons why there should not be an asphalt plant built on Ridgewood Grade.  But logic and rationality could not sway the supervisors, who decided to deny the Appeal of the Use Permit, 5-0.   The supervisors seem to be completely ENSLAVED to the idea that Mendocino County needs asphalt on the mountaintop more than clean air, healthy people and environment, and safer driving conditions.  

What do YOU think?  

 Make up your own mind.  Please sign the Online Petition.  And Donate to the Legal Fund to keep the lawsuit moving forward and working on behalf of all who believe that  Ridgewood Grade is NOT the correct place for a massive asphalt plant.    We are not done with this.  This is far from over.  There should be no asphalt plant on Ridgewood Grade.   Talk with your neighbors and friends about it.   Stay involved in this worthy endeavor.  

Together we are a powerful force for promoting right action for the benefit of all in Mendocino County!  

You can make a major difference:

1) Contribute to the Legal Defense Fund


The highly respected environmental law firm of Remy, Moose, Manley LLP
represents Keep the Code.

Your contributions will help keep our legal team doing what they do best
– working hard to protect the environment and people 
to make this situation better for all.

These first pages of the lawsuit give the information that most people will want to know.  The Lawsuit: First 5 Pages (70 KB PDF)
Keep the Code Supplemental MMR (158 KB PDF)

Please Donate to the Legal Defense Fund!
Click the button to make a donation using our secure PayPal page

Make checks payable to: Keep the Code
And in the memo section write:   Legal Defense Fund
Mail checks to:   Keep The Code, P.O. Box 131, Willits, CA  95490

If you have questions or comments, would like a copy of the rest of the Lawsuit Document, or require other information, please e-mail us at:

Federal EIN: 45-5118891


Other actions you can take:

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2) Send a personalized Email to
the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors
and the County Planners


Your feedback matters: Letters will become a part of the official record for this project.
Click here to send a message.*

Include a short note, such as the following, personalized as appropriate:


Dear Mendocino County Supervisors and Planners,

I am writing to express my deep concern about the proposed industrial zoning next to Ridgewood Ranch and the historical Home of Seabiscuit. This expansion of the Harris Quarry and construction of an asphalt plant at that site, along with the new industrial zoning that would also allow for a concrete plant, brings heavy industrial development and pollution to a region where open rangeland and the absence of industrialization are key to local quality of life. Air quality, environmental health, the intrinsic value of the area's pristine condition to residents and visitors, and traffic safety are very important issues to me, and this project compromises all of these. Please vote NO on this project.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

I would be grateful for a response from you about this topic.

Sincerely, [your name, your city or town]

Need some inspiration?
Click here for a list of many reasons why this project should be moved.

Choose the one (or ones) that you care most about to help you personalize a letter to the decision makers. 

*NOTE: If the automatic e-mail link doesn't work for you, you can just cut and paste the sample message above into your email program and send the message to the appropriate email address for your district supervisor (if you are a Mendocino County Resident) or to the board of supervisors and county planners (if you are a concerned citizen from another area), personalized as you see fit (please keep it polite!)

Click here for a list of pertinent email addresses.



- OR -

3) Sign our online petition
and send an automatic message to the Supervisors and Planners


Click here to sign to our online petition

After you sign, please share the online petition with as many people as you can!!


You can also get the word out in other ways:

You can click here to download a hard copy of the petition
to print out and collect signatures

Filled-out pages must be returned to:
Keep the Code, P.O. Box 131, Willits, CA 95490
As soon as possible.

Download a large flyer

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Special Alert For Residents Living in the Potential Impact Region

Residents who own property in the "impact region" which will be affected by the proposed asphalt plant have voiced a specific concern: the fear that that their properties, which were purchased at a premium because of their unspoiled, unindustrialized and unpolluted status, will lose value after the introduction of an asphalt plant in the area. They are writing to the county assessor to register their concerns, and to ask that their property be reassessed and their property taxes reduced if this project proceeds as planned.

If you live in the area affected, and want to write to Mendocino County Assessor, Susan Ranochak may be contacted by using the county assessor's feedback page at: